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Flash cards

The point of PocketCram is learning by repetition, mainly by spaced repetition. Spaced repetition is a studying technique that helps you store information in your long-term memory by repeating it with increasing intervals.

The information that you learn is organized in the form of flash cards. A flash card consists of a question and an answer to that question.

For example: if you want to learn German then you could have a flash card with "apple" for question and the answer would be the german "der Apfel".

During learning PocketCram shows a question from a flash card to you and asks you to recall the corresponding answer. Then it shows the answer from the flash card so that you can check if you recalled it correctly. You can also tell PocketCram that you want to learn both sides of flash cards i.e. that you want it to show answers and request the corresponding questions from you.

Different flash cards are repeated with different intervals. The flash cards that you are able to recall easily are repeated less often, tougher cards are repeated more often.

This makes learning much more efficient because it focuses your learning effort on the cards that really need repetition instead of wasting your time on cards that you can already recall effortlessly.