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Release of version 1.02 on 2013-05-01

  • Automatic e-mail backup: you can tell PocketCram to automatically send all your cards in a zip archive to your e-mail every couple of days so that your cards are always safely backed up in your mailbox.
  • Manual scheduling: when PocketCram tests your knowledge of a card you can choose precisely when the card is going to be tested again instead of leaving the decision for PocketCram.
  • Improved integration with
    • You can search for cards using fulltext search.
    • You can display the list of card stacks owned by your user account.
    • You can enable automatic daily download of new or modified card stacks owned by your user account to your phone.
  • You can search and download cards from
  • Detection of duplicates: you are warned about the existence of cards with the same Question when you are creating or modifying cards on the phone (but not on the web, at this time).
  • You can reset the learning statistics of all cards in a topic in case you want to start learning the topic from scratch.
  • Fixed needless usage of phone CPU while PocketCram was not active.

Release of version 1.01 on 2013-02-03

  • Performance improvements.
  • Better support for long question and answer texts: you can expand their size on the screen during editation and during testing.
  • Self-evaluation gestures used during testing were changed so that they do not interfere with scrolling of question and answer texts: fling right to signal successfully recalled answer or fling left to signal that you failed to recall it. In the previous version you were supposed to fling up and down.
  • During testing you can ask the current card to be deactivated and skipped in case you are not currently interested in learning this card.
  • Fixed that some topics could not be imported.

Release of version 1.0 on 2013-01-19

  • Added widgets for notification purposes (four sizes).
  • All menu actions are now available in toolbars on the top (or bottom) of the screen.
  • Improved performance of scrolling in lists of items.
  • You can enable automatical daily downloads of topics downloaded so that they are kept up-to-date.
  • Repeated import of the same topic from preserves learning history of its cards.
  • You can revert the contents of a card to a previously saved version in case you want to return to it.
  • Import of CSV files: you can choose character set of the imported file and the separator character that it uses instead of the default comma character.
  • Due cards are not considered to be memorized. But if they have been due for less than two days then they will still appear as memorized in the historical progress graph in order to give you some time to prove your knowledge before making a historical record.

Release of version 0.97 on 2012-09-09

  • Android notification about due cards is hidden by default, you can enable it in Settings.
  • New cards that you create in your phone or on the web site are inactive by default so that you are not overwhelmed by a big number of cards.
  • You can rename and delete your topics and cards on the web site.
  • You can long-click on topics and cards to open context menus so that you can manipulate with them faster.
  • You can upload topics to and you can synchronize changes made to these topics between your phone and your account in both directions.
  • Simplified user interface of synchronization of cards between your phone and (or

Release of version 0.96 on 2012-06-23

  • You can import already made cards from
  • Your self-evaluation has greater influence on when cards will be due.
  • Many smaller fixes and improvements to ease of use.

Release of version 0.95 on 2012-06-09

  • You can review your long-term learning progress in a new graph (located in "Stats") showing how many cards did you keep memorized in the past and in the present.
  • You can be notified about (over)due cards by e-mail - configurable in Settings in the Notifications section.
  • After each testing round you can re-test all cards that you had trouble recalling in this particular testing round.
  • You can hide help messages on the main screen if you don't need them.
  • If you import the same topic from more then once then you are asked if you want to overwrite the old topic or create a new one.
  • FIX: Check boxes in the Settings screen did not toggle if you tapped directly on them.

Release of version 0.94 on 2012-05-31

  • You can skip cards during testing.
  • Your learning progress is recorded and displayed on the main screen (very simple at this point).
  • Many improvements to ease of use.

Release of version 0.93 on 2012-05-20

  • Added graphs showing 1) how many cards are going to be due in near or more distant future 2) how big repetition intervals of cards are.
  • During testing: you can write your answer down before you reveal the correct answer.
  • List of cards now also shows answers, not just questions.
  • Testing modes which do not affect when cards will be due still display this information.
  • Cards imported from files or the internet are not marked as active from the start.
  • More accurate import of cards from
  • The most simple grading mode (Correct/Incorrect) was not showing when the card was going to be due after selecting a particular grade.

Release of version 0.92 on 2012-05-14

  • Added ability to import SuperMemo and Mnomosyne XML files
  • Added two new grading modes: grading with 4 buttons and grading with 6 buttons (SuperMemo-style)
  • Grading buttons now show when is the tested card going to be due if you select a particular grade.
  • If you attempt to view a CSV file in some kind of file manager then import of the file to PocketCram is offered.
  • The number of cards that you have memorized is now also shown for each topic separately.
  • Even if you have not selected the language to be used by speech synthesis, the speaking "R" button is still visible and it lets you select the language.
  • Progress is shown when Sync is running.
  • Default export directory is /sdcard/PocketCram.
  • Help screens are no longer shown automatically, with the exception of the first screen.
  • Requests to e-mail exported files can be disabled in Settings.
  • Some entries from ColorDict could not be inserted into PocketCram.
  • Settings screen prevents you from entering extreme numeric values.
  • Better explanation when export/import fails because of lack of file permissions.

Release of version 0.91 on 2012-05-08

  • If ColorDict is not found then its installation from Google Play is offered
  • Info about previously tested cards is shown in all testing modes
  • Scrolling was jumping in the list of cards
  • User has to confirm import of cards after selecting a file
  • Help screen did not respect font size
  • Changes in font size were not visible immediately
  • Syncing with and importing of cards from a file no longer cause momentary freeze
  • Import of CSV files skipped cards with empty answers
  • Improved Internet Explorer compatibility
  • Giving more advice when user has no cards
  • downloader goes to parent category when the Back key is pressed

Release of the first version 0.9 on 2012-05-06